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Chovnovsky granite

Chovnovsky granite

Chovnovske granite is one of the types of green granites of Ukraine, dark shades with black inclusions. Often combined with black gabbro. Amenable to all types of processing: grinding, polishing, heat treatment. The Chovnov granite quarry is located near the village of Chovnov, Zhytomyr region. To buy products made of dark green granite or make a preliminary calculation, call the manager or click on the buttons below.

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Paving stones

Window sills


Tiles for facade

The main physical and chemical characteristics of Chovnovsky granite
Volume weight 2700 kg/m3
Compressive strength 90-120 МРа
Erasing 0,435 g/cm2
Water absorption 0,2%
Natural radiation levels 1 Class (safe)

Chovnovsky granite has a dark green color with black inclusions. This is the darkest granite of all 3 green granites in Ukraine. Its structure is dense and uniform, the pattern is monotonous. This stable granite is very popular due to its wonderful deep color without unnecessary impurities.

It is most often used in the following types of green granite products.

Polished products:

  • cladding tiles for the facade and foundation;
  • covering plates for the fence;
  • external stairs with sandblasted anti-slip strips;
  • external and internal windowsills;
  • slabs of individual sizes for grilling barbecues and fireplaces;
  • table tops.

And also heat-treated products:

  • Outdoor granite stairs;
  • Paving slab for equipping sites, entrance groups, sidewalks;
  • Pavement.

You can also buy "Zhytomyr granites" at the enterprise:

  • Large-format green granite slabs;
  • Strips of different lengths.

During production, all granite products undergo a detailed inspection for the quality of cutting, surface treatment and detection of natural cracks.

If you need to buy Chovnovsky granite, contact the manufacturer "Zhytomyr Granites" and you will receive high-quality granite products without intermediaries.

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