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Kapustyanskiy granite (Rosso Santiago)

Kapustyanskiy granite (Rosso Santiago)

Kapustyan granite (Rosso Santiago) is a natural stone of bright red color with black inclusions, coarse-grained structure, which is mined in the Kirovohrad region. You can order from us: granite tiles, stairs and entrance groups made of granite, slabs for the fence, slabs, pavement tiles made of Kapustyansky granite. To buy granite at the manufacturer's price, call the manager or click on the buttons below.

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The main physical and chemical characteristics of Kapustyn granite
Volume weight 2850 kg/m3
Compressive Strength 120 МРа
Erasing 0,32 g/cm2
Water absorption 0,13%
Natural radiation levels 1 Class 1 (safe)

Kapustyan granite (Rosso Santiago) is used for:

1. external stairs made of red granite;
2. polished slabs for the facade;
3. slabs or strips for facing fences;
4. cobblestone fully sawn 20*10*3/5cm;
5. external granite windowsills;
6. strips (strips) of granite;
7. slabs of granite
8. individual orders.

Possible types of processing:
- grinding;
- polishing;
- heat treatment.

The price of granite: the lowest price will be for a standard size tile (30*30 cm or 60*30 cm), the cost of a custom size tile depends on the blank to be used. The customer can get an additional discount if he orders products with a volume of 200 m2 or more.

The production period will depend on many factors, for example:

1. Is this type of granite at the enterprise in the form of semi-finished slabs/strips or blocks;
2. From the size of the order, whether it is necessary to additionally import raw materials and cut them;
3. From the number of different sizes - the more product names in 1 order, the longer it takes to manufacture it;
4. Is additional processing required: polishing of the edge of the product, cutting of shaped faces, sandblasting of the surface, etc.
5. Due to seasonality, in the warm period, the demand for granite products increases strongly in connection with construction works. It is best to make an order in the low season - that is, from November to March. The client receives his products quickly and at a lower price than at the beginning of the new year.

Taking into account all the physical characteristics of granite, we can say with confidence that stone products serve for centuries, giving you comfort and beauty for many years.

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