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Products made of granite have been popular for many centuries due to their strength, original appearance, different structures and colors of the stone. Due to this, the material can be adapted to any interior or exterior - on the street or the facade of the building. The enterprise "Zhytomyr Granites" offers stone products at favorable prices. They will serve you for many years without the need for replacement, regardless of weather and temperature conditions. Granite differs from other stones in its high rock density, it has a minimal moisture absorption coefficient, so it can withstand strong temperature changes, and is not susceptible to the action of acids and chemical compounds.

Cladding of walls, floors, fences
Granite tiles are actually a universal means for facing surfaces inside residential and commercial premises, as well as facades and fences. Among the advantages of this facing option are:

  • the ability to withstand changes in moisture levels. This property will be especially noticeable in bathrooms and kitchens, where there are a lot of vapors, water falls directly on the surface. Granite's water resistance makes it the most durable option.
  • protection against pathogenic microflora. Granite floor tiles do not collect dirt. The development of fungus and mold is excluded.
  • material safety. Natural stone does not provoke allergic reactions, has no odors. There is no effect on the skin. It is the best choice for the bathroom.

Granite tiles are also made for facing the facade of the house, which makes the building respectable from the outside. A house with a similar facade is easy to follow. The stone does not absorb dirt. When creating a suitable facade or fence, consider the load-bearing capacity of the walls. After all, natural stone is heavier than other materials.

Paving paths
Stone pavers are a good alternative to concrete-based tiles. Granite pavement tiles can withstand greater loads, including the weight of a car. Granite paving stones can be used to lay paths on the roadside near shops and residential buildings. After all, it is very resistant to friction, chips and shocks. Pavers made of natural stone are the best option for open spaces (for example, squares in various settlements), where a large number of people often gather.

Internal stairs made of granite
A popular option in office buildings and shopping and entertainment centers where beautiful appearance, durability and ease of cleaning are required. The color of granite stairs remains the same for the entire period of operation. As a rule, for internal stairs, the client chooses a polished surface, as moisture does not collect there. Street options have sandblasted stripes that eliminate slippage or are fully heat treated to give the surface a rough finish. Granite is a practical material, as it is resistant to abrasion, salt and other chemicals used in winter to clean the surface from ice and snow.

Window sills made of granite have similar advantages as other structures made of natural material. Window sills withstand friction, moisture, and impacts. Large and heavy vases and decorations can be placed on them. To clean the surface, a wet napkin is enough to wipe away dirt, dust, and earth residues. Over time, the structure can be re-polished if necessary. In our catalog, various options of granites for your home are available, which differ in structure, color and price.

Countertops for the kitchen, bathroom
Countertops used in kitchens and bathrooms require special attention. They are constantly under the influence of moisture and temperature changes. Stone countertops can withstand accidental knife cuts that often happen in kitchens. Product odors are not absorbed by natural stone, thanks to which the structure lasts as long as the manufacturer claims.

Buy granite structures from the manufacturer
The company "Zhytomyr Granites" offers to order stone products directly from us on the website. Explore the catalog, where many options are available, which differ among themselves in color, structure and pattern. Specify the amount of m2 of granite you need, place an order by phone or at the company.

Write to us in messengers if you have additional questions or need to clarify the details of the order, calculate the exact cost together with delivery. Granite products will decorate your house, yard or office.