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Granite stripes

Granite strips are a semi-finished product cut from stone blocks, which we always have in our production. After all, thanks to such granite blanks, exclusive orders are made in a matter of days. These strips are different: length from 60 to 310 cm x width 40-83 cm x thickness 2/3/5 cm. You can buy granite strips at our factory in Korostyshiv, or order by phone with delivery or pickup.

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In the photo, the granite stripes look like long granite tiles. So it is, this semi-finished product is used by builders for the manufacture of stairs, window sills, covering plates for fences, as well as facing uneven surfaces.

It is convenient to work with such granite blanks because it is easy to attach a template to it and cut the desired shape and size of granite parts right at the installation site, which reduces the risk of mistakes and loss of finished parts.
The customer on site can always adjust the shape of the edge of the part, or choose an even cut.

We cut strips from any granite that is presented in our granite catalogue. Surface treatment is chosen by the client depending on the use. It can be a ground top, polished or heat treated.

For long parts, we have designed a special package, as in the photo, so that the parts do not move during shipping.

By working with us, you get a good price and reliable partners.

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