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Granite paving stones

This granite paving stone is sawn on all 6 sides, and the top is heat-treated. This ensures excellent anti-slip qualities of the surface in any weather. Thanks to the natural strength of granite, such paving stones serve for hundreds of years and withstand heavy loads. Possible sizes: 20x10x5(3) cm 10x10x5(3) cm

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Paving stones are a very popular building material, we don't even notice how much of it lies under our feet. Pavers can be concrete or granite. The only advantage of concrete paving is its relatively low price compared to granite.

The advantages of stone paving are hard to underestimate:

1. A wide selection of colours: grey, black, red, green, beige, pink, yellow - it all depends on the type of granite you choose;

2. Dimensions of granite paving stones: 20x10x3/5cm, 10x10x3/5cm;

3. The service life of granite pavers is unlimited, it will serve for centuries, while concrete pavers will last 5-20 years.

Our enterprise "Zhytomyr Granites" has extensive experience in the production of granite paving stones from various deposits, so you can safely order stone paving stones and curbs, and our employees will take care of the quality. We provide discounts for large bulk orders (from 200m2).

The stone is environmentally friendly, does not wear out, does not lose its colour and shape over the years, and withstands heavy loads, heavy traffic and car parking. Therefore, we recommend using only granite in parking lots.

Granite paving stones are used both in public places and in private yards, to decorate areas, paths, parking lots, streets, and pedestrian crossings.

You can buy paving stones by calling the number on the website or directly at the production site in Korostyshev.

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