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Labradorite Dobryn (Extra Blue Ukraine)

Labradorite Dobryn (Extra Blue Ukraine)

Dobrinsky Labradorite is an incredibly beautiful stone with a black base, thin grey veins and a lot of blue iridescence. 
It looks great in tiles of both standard and large sizes. Each slab is like a unique work of art.
Dobryn Labradorite is mined in the Volodarsk-Volynskyi district, Zhytomyr region, Dobryn village.

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Paving stones

Window sills


Tiles for facade

The main physical and chemical characteristics of the Labradorite Dobryn
Volume weight 2800-3030 kg/m3
Compressive Strength 240 МРа
Erasing 0.6-0,7 g/cm2
Water absorption 0,11 – 0,49%
Natural radiation levels Class 1 (safe)

Dobrynsky labradorite is one of the types of labradorites found in the Zhytomyr region. All of them are similar in that they have a black base colour, but the inclusions and the amount of iridescence in each type are different. So does the structure of the stone.
The advantage of this type of Labradorite is that it is medium-grained, and therefore more durable and long-lasting.
It is environmentally friendly, has a 1st class radiation level (radiation safe and suitable for both external and internal work).

Where can labradorite be used in construction and architecture?

Dobrinsky Labradorite is often used for cladding the facades of premises, private houses and churches. It is also used for tiling and fence strips.

Labradorite is also used to make paving slabs for platforms, external stairs and entrance groups in general, i.e. balusters, handrails, skirting boards.
In landscape design, it is used for paving paths in the form of labradorite paving stones, curbs and heat-treated tiles, so that you can walk boldly even in winter or rainy weather and not be afraid of slipping. It is also used for making balls, fountains, etc.

As for the use of Dobrinsky Labradorite in the interior, we also have something to offer. For example:

  • polished labradorite tiles for floors and walls;
  • manufacturing of countertops and skirting boards;
  • window sills and stairs can be customised to your size and edge finish;
  • individual products according to a pattern. 

          For wholesale customers, we offer

  • slabs of granite and labradorite from all deposits;
  • strips L* width 33/63/83* thickness 2/3/5 cm;
  • full-sawn paving stones 20*10*3 cm;
  • modular (standard) slabs of the format: 60*30/30*30 cm of various thicknesses.

As well as the best prices and conditions for orders of 200m2 and more. 
Proven wooden packaging has been tested on 100 thousand km of Ukrainian and European roads.
We provide assistance in finding transport and processing customs documents.
We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing granite products.

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