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Granit slabs

A slab is a large-format flat piece of granite with a thickness 3/5 cm, the so-called "semi-finished product" for further cutting into smaller parts according to the pattern or according to the client's dimensions. It is carried out by masters of stonework in their workshop or directly at the place of installation of granite products. You can buy granite slabs at our company or order by phone.

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For many, the concept of "slab" is not familiar, but these are the same granite slabs, only large format.

The dimensions can be different: length can be from 200 to 310 cm, width from 63 to 180 cm and thickness 3/5 cm.

Master masons work with this natural material and use it to make final products, such as these:

  • straight/radius/patterned stairs;
  • window sills are straight/rounded;
  • countertops in the kitchen or bathroom;
  • large-format slabs for slab installation (small number of seams) mainly on the floor or walls to preserve the natural pattern of the stone;
  • covering plates for fences, etc.

We work with more than 20 Ukrainian deposits, thanks to this our clients have a wide choice of colors and textures depending on the type of granite, you can choose your stone by going to our granite catalogue.

The type of treatment is also chosen by the client, depending on the purpose of using the granite. It may be:

  • sawn surface - a flat, smooth, matte surface with minor traces of sawing discs;
  • polished surface - an even, smooth and matte surface, but without traces of dust. The structure and pattern are more expressive.
  • polished surface - a flat, smooth, glossy to shiny surface with a clear pattern and a pronounced structure of the deposit;
  • heat-treated surface - smooth, rough, matte surface, which is used in pedestrian areas for the safety of movement, anti-slip effect.

We always have slabs of different colors and thicknesses in stock, so we offer you to appreciate the beauty of the stone and choose the best option for yourself.

We pack the slabs in wooden pyramids by pulling them with construction tapes, this method has been tested for years and is therefore reliable for transporting large-format granite slabs over long distances.

We invite wholesale buyers, builders and architects to mutually beneficial cooperation. We help in finding the most profitable way of delivery.

And for customers who want to export our products, we provide documents for customs clearance.

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