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More than 20 types of natural granite

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Catalog of granite

Pokostovsky granite (Grey Ukraine)

Price from 1300 UAH

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Labradorite Osnikovsky (Irina Blue)

Price from 1270 UAH

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Labradorite Dobryn (Extra Blue Ukraine)

Price from 1380 UAH

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Omelyanivskiy granite (Rosso Toledo)

Price from 1600 UAH

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Kapustyanskiy granite (Rosso Santiago)

Price from 1320 UAH

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Kornynskiy granite red (Leopard red)

Price from 1490 UAH

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Kornyn granite grey (Leopard Gray)

Price from 1380 UAH

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Mezhyrichsky granite (Flower of Ukraine)

Price from 1600 UAH

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We make every order
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Our goal is maximum convenience for customers. Thanks
to our own production, we are responsible for the timing and
constant cost in the process of work, fixing this in the contract.

The staff consists of unique
specialists with experience
since 2001.

Everyone knows everything about granite and the features of working with it.

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Сhoose of granite and calculation

You choose the required type of granite and provide the dimensions, we calculate the cost and determine the production time (if the product is not available).


Agreement of details and payment

We clarify and approve the details of the order, in case of success - you make an advance payment of 50% of the total cost. Contract work is possible.



If the blanks are not in stock, we begin their production: selection of raw materials in the quarry, cutting of the stone into parts, cutting to size, surface treatment, if necessary - resination.


Ending of order

After the completion of all production work, we pack the products, make a photo report, and then send them to the Customer.


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Granite tile

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Granite paving stones

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Granite stripes

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Granit slabs

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Stairs made of granite

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Granite is an excellent option for home decoration. Due to its high aesthetics, this natural material will become an appropriate decorative element not only outside the building, but also allow you to create an exclusive interior of your home. Natural granite, processed by our craftsmen, acquires a pronounced shine, reveals all the beauty of the natural texture, and therefore gives the interior or facade a special charm. 

We have a huge selection of granite products - we offer to buy frost-resistant tiles for the facade, paving slabs, slabs. 

Granite tiles for facades

The cladding of the house, for which stone tiles for the facade are used, reliably protects the basement and walls from adverse weather conditions. Granite tiles for facade decoration will be much more durable than other design solutions.

Granite tiles for walls and floors are considered a sign of good taste and emphasise the status of the owners. 

A wide range of granite tiles allows us to fulfil the orders of the most demanding customers. Thanks to a wide range of colours and material structures, we help you create an exclusive design for your home.

There are different types of granite in the catalogue:

Pokostovsky granite - light, with a regular pattern;
Omelyanivsky granite - with red coarse grains and black fine grains; 
Kapustiansky - red, with an extremely effective coarse-grained structure, in which large, clearly visible red spots alternate with dark inclusions;
Korninsky Red and Grey - coarse-grained, with red or grey spots;
Mezhyrichsky - a pleasant beige hue. 

We purchase granite blocks from quarries ourselves to fulfil your order if we do not have any blanks for cutting in stock. 

Granite paving slabs and paving stones 

Granite paving slabs are recognised as the best option for arranging paths in parks and gardens. The material is used for the manufacture of paving slabs and paving stones, because they have an extremely long service life. The proof of this is granite paving stones - they have been used for hundreds of years in Ukrainian cities. The natural stone can withstand many freezing and thawing cycles for 500 years, does not crack under the influence of mechanical stress and heavy weight. The material is resistant to abrasion.

Special surface treatment of granite paving slabs prevents slipping.

Granite slabs and strips

We manufacture and sell granite slabs of various sizes, from which granite masters can make final products - countertops, window sills, stairs, or mount them on floors, fences, performing slab installation. We offer to buy granite strips with a surface of various types of processing - sawn, polished, polished, heat-treated. We will give the surface of these semi-finished products smoothness, matte or shine, roughness - depending on the needs and wishes of wholesale customers.

"Zhytomyr Granites - quality assurance and care for each client

For more than 2 decades, Zhytomyr Granites has been fulfilling wholesale and individual orders of any complexity from customers from all over Ukraine. The secret of our success is strict compliance with the terms of the contract with the client:

we use only the highest quality natural raw materials;
the cost of the order does not change during its execution;
the deadlines are not exceeded.
This was made possible by creating our own production facilities. We not only sell granite tiles to order, but also purchase raw materials directly from quarries, so we can guarantee the highest quality of the material. 

We take into account all the wishes of the client, advise and help choose the best granite option, calculate the cost, cut the parts ourselves to the dimensions specified by the customer, and process the surface using the latest equipment. Our pricing policy is loyal to our customers.

Order granite on the website of Zhytomyr Granites at the best price, we will deliver finished granite products to any corner of Ukraine and most countries of the world in the shortest possible time.

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