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We invite you to cooperate with Zhytomyr Granites

History of the company
Our company "Zhytomyr Granites" started its activity back in 2001, when the granite processing industry was moving from the stage of collective farms to private owners who created their business in accordance with the requirements of growing market demand.
Zhytomyr Granites was built in Korostyshiv and is the largest granite processing centre, as most of the granite deposits are located within a radius of 15-70 km in the Zhytomyr region.
On the territory of 0.5 hectares, there are more than 20 granite, labradorite and gabbro processing machines that process hundreds of m2 of products daily to meet the needs of consumers in Ukraine and other European countries.

Our values at work:

We adhere to high quality standards in our work:

  • we choose raw materials of the first category in our quarries;

  • we make sure that the front side of the parts is free of other natural inclusions;

  • diagonal dimensional tolerances of up to 1 mm;

  • the boards for cladding are subjected to additional rubberising treatment for the highest level of gloss;

  • control to detect cracks and chips;

  • reliable packaging in wooden pallets, pyramids and crates;

  • constant communication, consultations and advice on any issue related to our products.

Field of activity:

The main types of products are:

  • tiles of standard (modular) sizes: 60x30x2/3cm, polished or heat-treated;

  • long slabs, 63-83 cm wide;

  • slabs - large slabs cut from a clean block, sizes vary, mainly from 250-350x83-150x3cm;

  • full-sawn paving stones, heat-treated top 20x10x3/5cm.

All other products are made and priced individually, taking into account the following conditions:
1. whether the client is a new or regular partner,
2. number of sizes; 
3. the volume of the order;
4. the workload of the enterprise.

We will be glad to see you in partnership:

  • Construction companies;

  • Architects;

  • Designers;

  • Owners of stone trading platforms;

  • Masters of stone craftsmanship;

Advantages of working with us:

  1. High-quality stone of the discussed deposit and shade;

  2. Clear dimensions;

  3. Negotiated terms of order execution, taking into account the situation with electricity and workers;

  4. Flexible delivery and payment systems;

  5. Production control at all stages;

  6. Faster lead times. partner orders, always first in line;

  7. Stable and reliable operation of the company for over 23 years;

  8. Professional staff and management;

  9. Additional discounts and special offers are available.

Our experience:
Companies from different CIS countries, Europe: Moldova, Poland, Romania, Germany, and the USA. 
And of course, a large share of orders for domestic consumers.
As well as government orders for squares, Hippodrome, Exhibition Centre, Teremki metro stations, and parks.
After the annexation of Crimea and the eastern territories of Ukraine in 2014, we have not cooperated with Russian companies, and since the beginning of the full-scale war in 2022, we have not cooperated with Belarus either.

For ongoing and mutually beneficial work, we suggest contacting us to get all the information about cooperation. 
You can also order a set of samples of the stones we work with and their prices.
We will also be happy to welcome customers to our company to get to know our products, quality and terms of cooperation.

Contact us today!