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Stairs made of granite

Granite stairs are a practical and aesthetically attractive solution for individual residential buildings, administrative buildings and public places. The company "Zhytomyr granite" has more than 20 types of colors. Granite stairs can be ordered with a smooth, rough or combined surface. The service life of the product is more than 100 years. To order granite stairs, call or send us your sketches in messengers.

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People use stairs every day, so it is important that they are made of practical, durable and environmentally friendly materials. Granite stairs are the best option among all possible. After all, their physical and chemical characteristics indicate that it is the strongest stone that can be used in construction and decoration. It has a unique color scheme and is suitable for use both outside and inside the room.

It is possible to buy granite stairs of various types:

  • monolithic or integral - for them, monolithic slabs of different thicknesses from 7 to 15 cm are used, the standard size is 120x30 cm;
  • overlays - tiles for stairs with a thickness of 3 cm or more, which are installed on a base made of concrete, brick or steel structures.

The surface of the stairs can be:

  • polished - a smooth, glossy surface, used mainly for internal stairs;
  • heat-treated - a rough, matte surface that prevents slipping. The best option for outdoor stairs, a safe and practical option regardless of temperature changes and precipitation.
  • combined - the main part of the stairs is polished with the application of sandblasted stripes with an anti-slip effect for safety of use.

The finished look of the stairs is given by the finished edge of the steps:

  • polishing of the end (side cut);
  • application of a simple polished chamfer at an angle of 45° (0.3-1 cm);
  • application of a rounded chamfer 1/4 of a circle;
  • make it semicircular or shaped.

There are many options for shaped faces, so each customer will make their own choice.

We cooperate with more than 20 deposits throughout Ukraine, so the choice of colors is wide:

  • it is possible to order stairs made of red granite: Kapustyanskyi granite, Novodanilivskyi, Zhadkivskyi and Lizniki;
  • pink granite stairs - Tokivskiy granite;
  • Granite stairs made of gray stone: Pokostivsky granite, Tansky, Novoselivsky;
  • Stairs made of black granite - Labradorite Nevyrivskyi, Rachny-Polovi, Gabro;
  • beige granite stairs - Mezhirichenskyi and Didkovichi;
  • as well as other colors of various shades and structures.

Our granites have a unique natural pattern that will give your products a beautiful aesthetic look that will last for many years.

The employees of our company have extensive experience in the manufacture of granite stairs of any complexity, so do not hesitate to call or visit our company in Korostyshiv.

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