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Granite tile

Modular granite tiles (standard tiles) are one of the most popular granite building materials. Standard sizes are 60x30cm, 60x40cm, 40x40cm, 30x30cm, and 2 to 5cm thick. Main types of processing: granite grinding, polishing and heat treatment. This type of product has the lowest price, so it is in great demand among customers.

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As we already know, granite is a natural material that is mined mainly on the right bank of Ukraine in various regions. The whitest deposit is located in the Zhytomyr region. All granites are delivered to our company in the form of large granite blocks, from which granite tiles and other products are subsequently manufactured.

Given that the blocks have cracks and different joints, it is easiest to cut these small tiles: 60x30cm, 60x40cm, 40x40cm, and 30x30cm. Therefore, the cost of granite tiles is cheaper than large slabs of similar thickness.

Surface treatment is:

  • grinding - processing is carried out with special nozzles that erase the traces of sawing plates from stone and the surface looks perfectly smooth and matte;
  • polishing - processing with a whole set of specialized polishing nozzles, which alternately polish the surface to a shine. With this type of processing, granite shows its colour and pattern most brightly. Suitable for facing various premises: residential, office, administrative, and temples. And also for covering fences, walls, bathrooms, kitchens, barbershops, and fireplaces with granite. Its
  • heat treatment is a type of heat treatment, with the help of high-temperature heating (up to 3000°C) the top layer of granite starts to peel off and the surface becomes rough, matte and non-slip. People often call such slabs - sidewalk granite tiles. These slabs are best suited for paving surfaces that people will walk on in the street, that is, squares, paths, and stairs. After all, this surface retains its roughness after rain and snow.

To choose granite, I invite you to view our granite catalogue and choose the colour and structure of the granite that best suits your interior or exterior.

All granites can be divided into groups depending on colour:

  • gray: Pokostivskyi, Tanskyi, Novoselivskyi, Rachny-Polovi, Kornynky (gray) granite, Zhadanivskyi;
  • labradorites: Osnikov and Nevyrivsky labradorite;
  • gabbro: pure black rock;
  • red: Kapustyanskyi, Zhadkivskyi, Novodanilivskyi, Liznikovskyi, Kishinskyi;
  • green: Chovnovskyi, Lukovetskyi, Vasylivskyi;
  • beige: Mezhyrichskyi, Didkovitskyi;
  • pink: Tokivskyi, Kornynskyi red, Krutnivskyi granites;
  • yellow: Sofia granite;
  • orange: Omelyanivskyi granite.

What should be specified when ordering tiles:

1) the size of the tile you want to order or buy (length X width X thickness cm);

2) how many m2 or pieces of each size;

3) what kind of finishing off the top of the tile?


When ordering granite tiles, calculate the amount with a small margin, because natural stone has such a feature as shade. If you installed the products and saw that several pieces were missing, then after making them from another piece of granite (block), it may be slightly different in shade. The same can be the case with large orders that require many blocks to make, so the shade may vary slightly. If this is essential for you, then choose granites that have fewer shades. Our manager will tell you all the details.

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