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Zhadkivskiy granite (Rosa Raveno)

Zhadkivskiy granite (Rosa Raveno)

Zhadkivskyi granite (Rosa Raveno), also called Koretskyi, is a relatively new red granite with a fine-grained structure. Industrial mining began only in 2015. after appearing on the market, it quickly became popular among customers, because it has a low price among red granites. The deposit of Zhadkivsky granite is located in the village of Zhadkivka, Rivne region. We accept orders for wholesale and retail orders by phone or directly at the factory in Korostyshev.

Price from 1600 UAH

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Paving stones

Window sills


Tiles for facade

The main physical and chemical characteristics of Zhadkovsky granite
Volume weight 2730 kg/m3
Compressive strength 240 МРа
Erasing 0,32 g/cm2
Water absorption 0,08%
Natural radiation levels 1 Class (safe)

Analyzing the data in the table, we can conclude that this Zhadkiv granite (Rosa Raveno) is an excellent material for indoor use:

  • polished tiles for the floor, walls, fireplace decoration;
  • internal polished stairs, window sills;
  • table top

And for external use:

  • heat-treated paving slabs for paths, platforms;
  • heat-treated stairs, or combined (polished top + sandblasted stripes);
  • paving stones and others.

This stone is an excellent alternative to the more expensive Liznyk granite. Its only difference is a greater number of black spots. In heat-treated form, the difference is hardly noticeable.

What does the order depend on: the lowest price now is for a modular tile of standard size 30*30 cm or 60*30 cm with a thickness of 2 cm. Plates larger in size and thickness are calculated more expensively.

The cost of ordering plates or strips of individual sizes depends on the workpiece that will be used. Therefore, for the calculation of each client's request, the manager uses some time to clarify the availability of prepared slabs in production.

The most expensive will be the price of slabs - these are large-format slabs measuring 250-300x150x3-5 cm. If the order is more than 200 m2, the client can get an additional discount.
One of the great advantages of granite products is that they do not require additional care after installation.

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