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Zhadaniv granite (Zhadani)

Zhadaniv granite (Zhadani)

Zhadani granite also stands out among all its colors: beige with dark gray and a structure that combines medium-grained with coarse-grained fragments. And also the pattern of the section, which is not monochrome like most granites, but has gradients similar to marble. This can be seen in slabs of large formats, such as slabs and strips of Zhadaniv granite. The place of extraction of this stone is the village of Zhadany, Vinnytsia region. To buy or order granite tiles and other products from Zhadanivskyi granite at a wholesale price, call the manager or click on the buttons below.

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The main physical and chemical characteristics of Zhadanivskiy granite
Volume weight 2710 kg/m3
Compressive Strength 230 МРа
Erasing 0,14 g/cm2
Water absorption 0,16% 
Natural radiation levels Class 1 (safe)

The pattern of Zhadaniv granite is very similar to Kornynskiy (Leopard) granite in terms of color, but if you look at the large-format photo, the difference lies in the pattern and structure of the granite.

This dark beige granite can be ordered from us at the company or by phone, we produce as wholesale orders:

  • slabs - length (150-310) cm*width (83-180) cm*thickness 2/3/5 cm;
  • granite stripes - (150-310) cm*width up to 83 cm*2/3/5 cm;
  • paving stones 20*10*3/5cm, 10*10*3/5cm;
  • modular tiles 30*30cm, 40*40cm, 60*30cm, 60*40cm* thickness 2/3/5cm.

And by individual sizes:

  • polished tiles for facing;
  • heat-treated slabs of paving granite for platforms and entrance groups;
  • stairs from Zhadanivskyi granite;
  • granite windowsills made of brown granite;
  • table tops

Zhadanivskyi granite is subjected to various types of processing:

- polishing - the surface is shiny (gloss), the color and structure of the stone is well defined;
- grinding - a natural cut of granite without traces of dust, the surface is smooth, but matte;
- heat treatment - heat treatment of granite, the surface is smooth, but rough and matte.

In addition to the manufacture of products from Zhadanivskyi granite at your request, we also provide edge finishing services, namely:

  • polishing of the end (side cut);
  • application of a simple polished chamfer (0.3-1 cm);
  • application of a rounded chamfer 1/4 of a circle;
  • as well as semicircle and shaped chamfers.

If you place an order for granite products with us, our manager will help you find the best option for delivery to the destination.

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