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Omelyanivskiy granite (Rosso Toledo)

Omelyanivskiy granite (Rosso Toledo)

Omelyanivsky granite (Rosso Toledo) is a rather bright granite, which differs from all other granites of Ukraine due to its orange color with black and gray inclusions. The granite structure is uniform, medium-grained. This granite is quite solid and strong, so it is possible to cut large slabs. The deposit of this granite is located 0.5 km from the railway station. Omelyanivka, village Pot of Korosten district, Zhytomyr region.

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The main physical and chemical characteristics of the Omelyaniv granite
Volume weight 2640 kg/m3
Compressive Strength 240 МРа
Erasing 0.14 g/cm2
Water absorption 0,15 – 1,02%
Natural radiation levels Class 1 (safe)

The Omelyaniv granite deposit (Rosso Toledo) was discovered back in the times of the USSR and, not surprisingly, immediately became popular due to its expressive structure and practicality.

Therefore, we can now meet this granite in the subway, on bridges, embankments, in central squares in the form of stairs and parapets.

You can order Omelyanivskyi granite by contacting our manager, or by coming directly to the company in Korostyshiv.

Orange granite lends itself well to various types of finishing:

- grinding - minimal surface treatment, matte;

- polishing - best shows the color and all available inclusions of various breeds, emphasizes the structure, rich and bright look with shine. The edge surface is best suited for facades, fences, window sills, countertops, internal stairs;

- heat treatment - heat treatment, in the process of exfoliating the top layer of granite, a rough and matte surface remains. An ideal option for street stairs, playgrounds and paving stones.

If your task is not only to find high-quality, ecological and practical granite that will last for hundreds of years, but also to brightly emphasize your interior, then you should choose Omelyanivskyi granite.

      What can we offer you?

  • Buy modular tiles (standard size): 60*30, 30*30cm;
  • Order paving stones 20*10*3 fully dusted;
  • Make stairs, windowsills, granite countertops according to your dimensions;
  • For wholesale buyers, including architects and designers, we offer wholesale slabs, strips, tiles, paving stones from Omelyaniv granite on favorable terms.

If you are interested in details about granite packaging and delivery, click here.

The service life of granite is up to 600 years, which is 5 times longer than marble, due to its resistance to temperature changes and ultraviolet radiation.

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