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Mezhyrichsky granite (Flower of Ukraine)

Mezhyrichsky granite (Flower of Ukraine)

Pastel beige color with black splashes make this granite popular among consumers, architects and designers. It harmoniously complements the design of the living room, kitchen or bathroom. In the same way, products of Mezhirichensky granite protect the facade of the house and other exterior elements. Beige granite is mined in the village Mezhirichka, Zhytomyr region. To place an order at a favorable price, click on the button "order a consultation" or call.

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The main physical and chemical characteristics of the Mezhyrichsky granite

Volume weight  2620 kg/m3
Compressive Strength 171 МРа
Erasing 0,26 g/cm2
Water absorption 0,55%
Natural radiation levels 1 Class 1 (safe)


Mezyrych granite (Flower of Ukraine) does not need advertising, it is exactly the universal shade and structure of granite that can be classified as a classic. It is suitable for 90% of the designs of houses, yards, public places. Wholesale customers buy beige granite from us at favorable prices because they are confident in its quality and popularity in the stone market.


What are its main advantages:

  • ecological - this granite is absolutely safe and can be used both indoors and outdoors;
  • universal color - beige is a basic shade that always fits well in the interior and exterior of the room;
  • frost resistance - Mezhirichen granite, as well as other granites of Ukraine, is a very solid rock, so it tolerates a lot of freezing and heating without losing its density, color and structure;
  • does not absorb liquids - which means that it does not require additional processing or cleaning after contamination, just wash it with clean water and your products will be like new again;
  • affordable price - the cost of our granites is market, because we have been working directly with quarries for many years, without intermediaries, and we also have all the necessary stone processing machines;
  • low level of abrasion - if you choose to make stairs, or paving slabs or cobblestones, it will serve you for hundreds of years, because the level of abrasion is so low that it can be neglected.

All these characteristics show that it is profitable to invest in granite products of our production, because you get a quality product at a market price from a manufacturer with extensive experience, which will ensure the reliability of our deal and the satisfaction of your expectations.

We recommend ordering: granite tiles, stairs and entrance groups made of beige granite, slabs for the fence, slabs, pavement tiles (cobblestones) made of Mezhyrich granite.

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