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Labradorite Osnikovsky (Irina Blue)

Labradorite Osnikovsky (Irina Blue)

Labradorite Irina Blue with blue eyes (inclusions) is a unique natural stone, belongs to anorthosite, which contains iridescence - an inner iridescent glow. These iridescences glow with a blue, green, and purple glow. It is these inclusions that distinguish this stone from other dark ones, such as gabbro. Location of Osnikovsky labradorite - Zhytomyr region, village Osniki To order from the manufacturer, press the button "order a consultation" or call.

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Paving stones

Window sills


Tiles for facade

Main physicochemical characteristics of Osnykovsky labradorite

Volume weight 2815 kg/m3
Compressive Strength 80 МРа
Erasing 0,53 g/cm2
Water absorption 0,1%
Natural radiation levels 1 Class 1 (safe)

     Due to the beauty of this type of stone, it is popular all over the world. After all, there are only 4 such deposits in the whole world, one of them is located in Ukraine. Labradorite will be a worthy decoration of your home both inside and outside, especially when the polished surface is exposed to direct sunlight or artificial light, numerous inclusions of iridescence in various shades of blue, blue and purple will shine.

The most often ordered from Osnikov labradorite:

1. polished slabs for the facade of houses and temples;
2. entrance groups: stairs, platform, railings, balusters;
3. slabs and slabs for laying the floor and walls;
4. slabs for facing fences;
5. external and internal granite windowsills;
6. countertops and other products.

     Our enterprise "Zhytomyr Granites" also provides gumming service, this is an additional treatment we offer for labradorites, which adds strength to the slabs, especially the large size and brighter shine.
     Due to its unique pattern, products made of Labradorite can be found in many places of mass gathering, such as: airports, shopping centers, metro stations, memorial complexes, facades of administrative buildings, churches. Glossy plates serve practically and aesthetically. The term of use is unlimited.
     Therefore, we strongly encourage you to contact us for consultation, calculation of your project or dimensions from builders, we will be happy to help you choose the most optimal option of size and quantity to meet your needs and expectations.

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