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Kyshyn granite (Rosa Kyshyn)

Kyshyn granite (Rosa Kyshyn)

Kyshyn granite (Rosa Kyshyn) is one of the types of red granites of Ukraine. The deposit is located near the village of Kishin, Zhytomyr region. The color of this granite has several shades of reddish, from pink to light pink color with medium-grained structure and massive texture. You can buy or order products from Chisinau granite by calling the number on the website or directly at the company in Korostyshiv.

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Paving stones

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Tiles for facade

Thanks to its excellent physical and chemical characteristics, Chisinau granite can be used for interior and exterior decoration of premises. The attractive appearance of Chisinau granite, affordable price and excellent quality allow this stone to be used in many areas - architecture, construction, monumental works, landscape design.

Kishinev granite tiles are used in various fields:

  • exterior decoration of building facades, stairs, fences;
  • paving of sidewalks, fountains, decoration of flower beds;
  • decoration of bathrooms, countertops and fireplaces;
  • creation of floor coverings or their separate decorative elements.

Various types of surface treatment were used to achieve the desired texture: grinding, polishing, heat treatment.

Granite tiles are polished to a mirror shine, suitable for cladding and decoration, and granite paving tiles with a polished or heat-treated surface are better suited for arranging pedestrian zones and roads, because they are not slippery even after rain or snowfall.

Also for wholesalers we offer:

  • modular tile: polished / sanded / heat treated;
  • strips of granite;
  • slabs.

Each order is securely packed on wooden pallets held together by strong tapes with iron staples. This packing method has been tested by thousands of km of roads.

The manager will also help you find the best option for delivery to your destination. There can be several options:

  • by accompanying transport;
  • by transport companies Nova Poshta, Intime, Delivery;
  • self pickup.

Granite is not only practical, but also an ecologically safe material that retains its decorative and construction value for hundreds of years.

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