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Gabbro is an igneous, uniform-grained rock, unique in its pure black coal color. This natural stone is very popular among customers for decoration of private buildings, offices, temples, as well as landscape solutions. There are several deposits of gabbro and they are located in different villages of the Zhytomyr region. To place an order or make a preliminary calculation, call the manager or click on the buttons below.

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The main physical and chemical characteristics of Gabbro
Volume weight 2950kg/m3
Compressive Strength 280 МРа
Erasing 0,58 g/cm2
Water absorption 0,11%
Natural radiation levels 1 Class (safe)

Gabbro is the black pearl of Ukraine. This stone is mined in different quarries, and therefore, depending on the place of extraction, gabbro may have inclusions of green mica, or may not have them at all. This also affects the price of the finished product. Therefore, if you want to order tiles, strips, slabs of gabbro, inquire about its deposit. After all, a cheap stone may not bring the expected result. By contacting us for production in Korostyshev, you will receive qualified advice and samples that will help you choose the granite that best meets your requirements in terms of quality and price.

Gabbro is used:

  • polished tiles for decoration of building facades, fences, walls and floors (metro, airports, temples, large public halls);
  • window sills, stairs, gabbro countertops;
  • fully sawn paving stones 20*10*3/5 cm;
  • heat-treated tiles for squares, sidewalks and paths;
  • monuments

Price when forming an order: the lowest price will be for modular tiles of standard size 30*30cm or 60*30cm, as well as for paving stones of 20*10*3cm, the cost of individual size tiles depends on the workpiece to be used. The most expensive price will be for large formats of plates with a thickness of 5 cm or more. If the order is more than 100m2, the client can get an additional discount.

Natural tiles and other products of this deposit do not require additional care after installation.

The service life of granite is up to 600 years, which is 5 times longer than marble, due to its resistance to temperature changes and ultraviolet radiation.

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