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Didkovitsky granite (Star of Ukraine)

Didkovitsky granite (Star of Ukraine)

Didkovychi granite (Star of Ukraine) is one of the types of beige granite that is mined in Ukraine, namely near the village of Didkovychi, Zhytomyr region. It can be bought at our company, or ordered by contacting the manager. If there are already ready blanks of this granite in the warehouse, then the production will last about 1-2 weeks, if not, then the terms can be ~ 1 month, everything will depend on the volume and complexity of the order, as well as seasonality. After all, in the summer months, the enterprise is almost fully loaded.

Price from 1650 UAH

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Paving stones

Window sills


Tiles for facade

The main physical and chemical characteristics of Didkovichi granite
Volume weight 2600 kg/m3
Compressive strength 210 МРа
Erasing 0,26 g/cm2
Water absorption 0,13- 0,24%
Natural radiation levels 1 Class (safe)

Didkovytskyi granite is one of the most popular types of granite, for several reasons:

  • warm beige color with small black inclusions and dark streaks is a universal color suitable for various types of cladding;
  • constant availability of raw materials - since this stone is popular, we always have raw materials available;
  • all physical and chemical indicators indicate that the stone is dense, which means it will last a long time;
  • ecological - 1 class of radioactivity indicates absolute safety for indoor use.

Taking into account the characteristics of the Didkovichs and the experience of working with this granite, we can offer a wide selection of products:

- modular tile 30*30cm or 60*30cm;
- polished tiles for facing facades;
- cover plates for fences;
- thermally treated/polished paving slabs for platforms, entrance groups and paths;
- curbs are polished and polished;
- sawn paving stones 20*10*3/5 cm and 10*10*3/5 cm;
- stairs, balusters and railings;
- external and internal windowsills;
- countertops and tiles for the kitchen;
- exclusive products according to your sizes and sketches.

You can order products made of beige granite or buy in bulk from the warehouse at the factory in Korostyshiv, or by calling us at the number on the website. Our manager will provide all the necessary information and calculate your project.

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