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What granite consists of

What granite consists of

Granite is one of the most common and well-known natural stones used in a variety of applications, including construction, landscaping and decoration. Knowing what granite is made of can help you better understand its properties and applications.

Description of the composition of granite

Granite consists of three main minerals: quartz, mica and feldspar. Each of these components makes an important contribution to the properties of the stone: 

  1. Quartz, as the most abundant component of granite, plays a crucial role in its strength and resistance to wear. This mineral, which consists mainly of crystalline silica, forms a strong matrix that holds the other components together. Its presence in granite also leads to the creation of a characteristic grain structure that makes granite visually attractive and elegant.
  2. Feldspar, which is another important component of granite, is responsible for its diverse colour palette. This mineral includes various chemical elements, such as potassium, sodium and calcium, which influence the colour shades of granite. For example, the presence of potassium can lead to a pink or red hue, while the content of sodium or calcium can give granite a grey, white or black colour.
  3. Mica, the last component of granite, plays an important role in its appearance and durability. This mineral, which contains layers of crystalline tiles, gives granite its characteristic shiny texture. In addition, mica also affects the thermal stability of granite, helping it to withstand large temperature fluctuations without damage.

To summarise, the combination of these three components - quartz, feldspar and mica - creates the unique properties of granite, which is used in construction and design as one of the most common and outstanding natural materials.

More information

Granite is an extremely versatile and multifunctional material that is widely used in various industries, including construction and landscape design. Here are some of the areas where granite is used:

1. Construction:

  • Building facades: Granite is used for cladding building facades, giving them an elegant look and protecting the building from damage and dirt.
  • Floors: Granite slabs are widely used for flooring in lobbies, corridors, entrances to hotels, churches, libraries, etc. due to their strength and wear resistance, they serve in public places for hundreds of years without needing to be replaced.
  • Stairs and window sills: Granite is also considered a good solution for window sills and other architectural elements, as it is resistant to mechanical damage and a durable material.

2. Decorative finishes:

  • Countertops and bar counters: Granite is used for countertops and bar counters in kitchens and bathrooms as it is resistant to scratches, temperature and humidity changes.
  • Garden landscaping: Granite elements such as fountains, sculptures, benches, tables, paving stones and curbs are used to decorate gardens and landscaping, giving them an elegant look and resistance to weather conditions.

Such versatility of granite's application demonstrates its versatility, practicality and aesthetics, making it one of the most popular materials in the world of construction and design.

You can buy granite for construction and decoration on the website zh-granit.com or in Korostyshiv at 97K Rozhdestvianna Street, where Zhytomyr Granites production is located. Here you will find a wide range of granite products in various colours and textures, and you can also place an order online. Our managers will provide you with full information about each granite and calculate the cost of manufacturing your idea.

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