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What factors affect product quality

What factors affect product quality

Production facilities:

To work with granite, we use more than 20 stone processing machines, which regularly undergo preventive maintenance to check the accuracy of cutting the part up to 1 mm. to ensure that your product fits perfectly when installed with other granite parts or with existing architectural elements. Since granite is a very hard rock, it is important to make it immediately according to the dimensions, rather than adjusting it on site.

Our polishing machines also check the quality of the gloss, as it can also vary. To achieve the most glossy surface, the tool must be of high quality and the specialist must follow the processing technology in a clear sequence. If this is not followed, or if this process is purposefully shortened, or if cheap analogs are used in the processing, the gloss will be unexpressed and dull. 

      Experienced employees:

The company employs an average of about 15 people. These are professionals in their field, because this industry is narrow, so it requires special education and skills for high-quality work with granite. Our employees are experienced professionals who have been engaged in stone processing for many years, most of them have been working at our company for more than 5 years. 

I take into account whether the owner of the company is personally at the production site, the quality of the products is constantly under close control.

     High-quality raw materials:

With more than 20 years of experience, we know exactly how to select granite blocks and which deposits to use. This ensures the production of high-quality granite with a pronounced color and structure, without inclusions of other rocks and cracks that can destroy the product over time.


Several factors affect the price of your order:

  • type of granite - because the price of granite brokers in each deposit is different, this is the first factor that affects the cost of production;
  • the size of the parts - in order to cut a large part, you need to buy raw materials of the first category in the quarry - the most expensive, because there is a lower chance that it contains deep cracks, large spots and other inclusions (but this is not a fact, because it is a natural thing) that should not be on your products;
  • the size of the nomenclature - if the order contains 5 different sizes, then it is made faster and there is less waste of raw materials, and if the number of sizes is 50, then the time and waste will be much greater, which also affects the price of granite products;
  • surface treatment - the cheapest option is the absence of processing, or minimal, such as grinding. Polishing or heat treatment of parts is more expensive, because additional machines are involved and the time spent on the order increases;
  • processing of additional surfaces and chamfering - products such as window sills, stairs, fence covers require processing of the side edges (polishing) and cutting of straight or curly chamfers, which gives the product a finished look and beauty.
  • the presence or absence of the need to rubberize (desaturate) the surface - this is required for some types of granite and labradorite, which have a more porous surface, to achieve strength and strong shine.

These are the main components that make up the cost of granite products.

Our main goal is to produce high-quality granite products at a market price. Customer access to quality products.

Along with the finished product, our customers receive:

1. reliable packaging that can withstand any road, which can also be used to export our products;
2. free consultation on any issues related to granite, i.e. how to choose? what to look for when choosing?
3. advantages and disadvantages of different deposits, which size is more convenient to install and which stone is better suited for certain purposes;
4. if necessary, a drawing of your order in the program;
5. for wholesale customers, we provide official documents for customs clearance for the purpose of exporting our products;
6. assistance in finding the most profitable transportation for the delivery of your products;
7. additional discounts are available for wholesale orders from 200m2.

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