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Granite products

Granite products

For construction, the client has a huge range of materials, but no one has created the best one except nature itself, namely stone.
One of its most popular types is granite. Today, this material is widely used in the production of various products. From tiles and paving stones to fountains and sculptures. Let's take a closer look at the advantages and features of granite products, tips for their selection and care.

General overview of granite products

There are a lot of products made of granite, and customers choose this material for its practicality, durability and ease of maintenance. Granite is often perceived as a material for memorials. But this is only one of its applications. The use of granite in construction is becoming increasingly popular, so let's take a closer look.

Granite products can be divided into categories:

- for landscaping: paving stones, curbs, paving slabs, fountains, sculptures;

- for cladding - facing slabs, stairs, window sills, etc;

- for interior use: countertops, sinks, floor tiles.


Advantages of granite products

Durability - man has created many materials that look like stone, but they all lose out to natural granite in terms of strength and practicality in use. It can withstand temperature changes of any kind without losing its colour, shape and integrity.

Aesthetics - granite products have a wide range of colours, shades and structures. Everyone can create their own unique design by combining different types of granite and textures.

Variety - granite products are made from a large block, which means that we can choose the size, shape and type of processing. This expands our design and architectural possibilities.


Popular products

Due to the practical aspects of granite, it is most often used in construction, exterior and landscape design.

The most popular items are:

Granite tiles - polished slabs are used for cladding and decoration. Slabs with a heat-treated top for paving squares, roads, terraces and other areas of active use.   

Sawn paving stones are paving stones that are flat on all sides, have perfectly even sides and geometry, and look neat and elegant aesthetically. It is resistant to abrasion and has an aesthetic appearance. The top of the paving stones is heat-treated, which makes it anti-slip in winter.

Strips and slabs for creating individual orders that have irregular shapes, circles, or many different details.


Selection and care

Decide on the type of granite - colours range from light grey to dark green.

Specify the type of finish depending on the purpose of the product - polished, heat-treated or polished, depending on the place of use;

Product size and quantity - be sure to indicate the size and shape of the product and how many m2 you need to produce so that there is not too much left over or vice versa.

Caring for granite products is very simple: periodically wash with mild detergents with plenty of water when dirty. Protect from mechanical damage to prevent chips and cracks.


How to order granite products

To order products made of Ukrainian granite, go to zh-granit.com, where you will find a large selection of granite at the manufacturer's price. We guarantee you that the products are made of granite of the first categories on high-precision machines that give you the exact geometry for the perfect installation of your products.

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