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Paving tiles from the manufacturer

Paving tiles from the manufacturer

Often under the name paving slabs customers mean granite paving stones for paving pavements with the size of 20x10x3 (5)cm or 10x10x3 (5)cm. That's why we want to tell you more about it.

Manufacturer "Zhytomyr Granites" offers to choose and buy paving slabs from the manufacturer with the best value for money on the stone market. We produce products on modern equipment from the best samples of natural material. The accuracy of the size of paving slabs up to 1mm.


Why choose granite paving slabs for pavements?


  • spectacular appearance;
  • durability of use;
  • resistance to wear and tear;
  • safety;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • huge variety of colours and structures of surfaces of a finishing material.

What kind of granite paving stone?

Granite paving stone is of different types depending on the technology of manufacture. 

  • chopped granite paving stone; 
  • saw-cut granite paving stone; 
  • sawn granite paving stone with heat-treated top.

What is the difference between these basic varieties? 

Chopped granite paving stone is characterised by the presence of chopped planes, so it maximally imitates the natural material. But walking and driving on it is not very convenient, as the jagged stone makes the road uneven. 

Sawn paving stone is in fact an analogue of a simple paving slab, because all its surfaces are simply even cuts, but it is slippery after rain and snow.

Saw-cut paving stone is a combination of the two above-mentioned types, the sides are sawn, so the installation and pattern is made easier and more beautiful, but the top remains the same uneven (jagged) and people often cling when walking.

Therefore we offer to stop the choice on thermo-treated sawn granite paving stone, which is characterised by an ideal appearance and anti-slip properties, that is important in winter periods.

Variety of colour variations

Buy granite paving stones in a variety of colours. The cost of the product depends on the deposit of granite. You can get acquainted with the catalogue of granite on our website zh-granit.com in the section "Catalogue of granite".

It is available in all shades of grey, black, brown, beige, pink, green and red with additional veins and inclusions. The most popular remains grey and black paving stones. As, for example, from Gabbro (black) and Pokostovsky (grey) or from Labradorite. Availability of granite of other colours allows to carry out paving stone laying in rather bright combinations. In a warehouse in presence about 15 kinds of granite in different volumes. 

Discounts are offered to wholesale buyers and regular customers.

Varieties of products and advantages of use

There are many options for laying out heat-treated granite paving tiles, including:

  • seam-in-seam;
  • cross;
  • radial wave;
  • fan;
  • braiding;
  • scales and so on.

Using the appropriate materials, experienced masters lay out almost any patterns and designs. Specialists of our company guarantee: whatever kind of granite and type of layout you have chosen, the paving stone from the manufacturer "Zhytomyr granites" will serve you as long as possible and will look spectacular and beautiful. 

How and where to order products from granite from the manufacturer

The company manufacturer offers to choose and order paving slabs on the site by leaving an online order or by calling one of the phones specified in the "Contacts" section. Our managers will promptly contact you, answer any questions, give advice and help you decide on the best choice.

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