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Advantages of granite tiles for cladding

Advantages of granite tiles for cladding

Wall cladding is an important part of the construction process. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the choice of material, as it will not only create an aesthetic appearance of the room, but also protect it from temperature changes, precipitation and the sun.
One of the best cladding materials is granite tiles. It is aesthetically pleasing, strong, durable, and comes in a wide range of colours.

Advantages of granite tiles for cladding

Granite slabs are valued for a number of undoubted advantages over their artificial counterparts, namely:

  • Strength and durability - granite tiles have a dense structure, withstand various physical loads, compression and increased abrasion, so they are often chosen for cladding in public places for walls, floors and stairs;

  • resistance to moisture and chemicals - due to the physical and chemical characteristics of the granite, it has low porosity, so it is highly resistant to absorption of liquids of various types. This quality makes granite an excellent material for use in rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens. And also on open surfaces where water and snow can collect in winter. The density of granite prevents the tiles from being destroyed by temperature changes in winter.

  •  aesthetics - there are about 30 granite deposits in Ukraine alone, so we have a wide range of colours and shades to decorate both the interior and exterior of our project.

  • thermal conductivity is another property of granite that is great for conducting heat from underfloor heating systems, or for using granite slabs in ovens for baking bread or cooking other dishes.

  • environmental friendliness - most types of domestic granite have the first class of radiation level, which allows it to be used both outdoors and indoors without restrictions.

Types of granite tiles and their applications

Granite tiles can be divided into types depending on the deposit or surface treatment. Let's consider the second option.

Glossy tile surface - polished granite tiles have a shiny, reflective surface. It is perfect for wall cladding both indoors and outdoors, creates an elegant, noble look, increases the durability of the room and its value.

Matte surface of the tile - has a natural even pattern and a non-slip surface. It is used for floors, stairs and surfaces where a better grafting is appreciated.

Anti-slip tile surface - a special high-temperature fire treatment that paints the surface of granite and creates a rough surface on the front side of the tile. This method of processing is used for parts of external stairs, slabs for platforms, passages, car parks and other places with heavy traffic.

Recommendations for choosing and caring for tiles

When choosing a tile, you should consider:

  •  what colour you need the tile, which will determine the type of stone. You can see and choose the colour of granite on the website of Zhytomyr Granites by clicking here;

  • what function the granite tile will perform: finishing or protective, which will determine the choice of glossy or matte surface of the tile.

  • size of the slabs - there can be slabs of standard size or individual size, this indicator will affect the price per m2;

  • thickness of the slabs - for cladding it is enough to choose a minimum thickness of 2 cm, if the slabs will be used on stairs, passages, platforms and places with heavy traffic or physical activity, it is better to choose 3 or 5 cm thick.

  • additional processing - the edge of the slabs can be decorated with a shaped cut (straight or curly), which is very aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional cuts for drainage of rainwater from stairs or barbecue countertops.

The maintenance of granite slabs is very simple; to prolong the attractive glossy appearance of the cladding slabs, it is worth regularly cleaning the surface of the tiles from dirt or dust with plain water without the addition of abrasive chemicals using a soft brush or cloth.


Granite tiles are an excellent choice as a cladding material, as they have undeniable advantages such as moisture resistance, durability, aesthetic appeal, environmental friendliness and a wide range of colours and structures. It does not require any special care. With high-quality installation, the tiles will serve for decades.

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