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Buy paving stones Uzhhorod

Buy paving stones Uzhhorod

Zhytomyr Granites is considered one of the most famous manufacturers of granite and labradorite products in Ukraine. On the official website of the company zh-granit.com, you can always get acquainted with the proposed range of the company's products, which can now be ordered at affordable prices and delivered to Uzhhorod.

We produce on a regular basis granite tiles of standard and individual sizes, heat-treated full-sawn granite paving stones, slabs, strips and other products. We also fulfil individual requests if the order weight is at least 3 tonnes.

You can order products from such natural raw materials as:

  • Pokostovsky granite;
  • Osnikovsky labradorite;
  • Nevyrivsky Labradorite;
  • Omelyanivsky granite;
  • Kapustyansky granite;
  • Korninsky granite and other types.

For many years, one of the most popular types of products has been granite paving stones, the price of which depends on the material of manufacture, the volume of the order and the urgency of the work.

Types of paving stones and the benefits of using them

Why and for what purpose do you need to buy paving stones Uzhhorod? What types of them are there and what are the main advantages of using them? Today, the market offers such varieties of this finishing material as:

  • chipped paving stones;
  • sawn and chipped paving stones;
  • sawn granite paving stones;
  • heat-treated paving stones.

The Zhytomyr Granites company produces the most popular type of granite paving stones - sawn with a heat-treated top.

This material has the best ratio of cost and quality. Its texture provides reliable adhesion to shoes and car wheels in any weather, and a huge variety of colours, shades and patterns allows even the most demanding customers to choose a unique option for paving the territory.

You can choose granite paving stones in such colours as grey, red, yellow, black, grey-red or grey-yellow.
As well as in different sizes, we offer paving stones 20x10x5 or 3cm and 10x10x5 or 3cm.

Granite paving stones can also be arranged in various ways, patterns:

  • straight line;
  • checkerboard;
  • braided;
  • a pattern of circles;
  • mosaic. 

You can also use multiple colours of granite paving stones for one project and unique patterns or logos in your yard.

Investment in the future

If we really wanted to find some disadvantage of granite paving stones, it could be its price per m2. However, the customer feels this disadvantage only when purchasing the material, in the future, this investment will pay off several times over. After all, where concrete paving stones have been in use for 10-15 years, they need to be replaced, because they have faded and crumbled or burst in some places, while the place where the granite paving stones were used remains in its original form.

In the event that the granite paving stones get stains from machine oil or any other greasy substance, we can always replace several of its elements and not lose the charm of the design. With concrete paving stones that have been exposed to the sun for several months or years, they no longer have the same colour as a new one brought directly from a wholesale store, and therefore the replacement of several elements will be noticeable to the naked eye.

How to order and buy granite paving stones

If you have decided to buy paving stones in Uzhhorod, the easiest way is to place an order on our official website. To do this, you just need to call one of the phone numbers listed in the "Contacts" section or send your request to our e-mail zh.graniti@gmail.com

If you need to arrange delivery to your construction site, we will be able to help you with this, as we have extensive experience and proven contacts in this area.

Please note an important point when ordering: payment for the products is made in two stages. At the first stage, you need to make an advance payment of 50% of the order value. The final payment of the remaining 50% of the cost is made upon completion of production and packaging.

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