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Buy paving stones Kyiv

Buy paving stones Kyiv

When we create a landscape design, we are faced with the question of what kind of paving stones are best used for paving paths, platforms and adjacent areas. The variety of choices complicates this process, because they differ depending on the choice of material, shape, colour and size. Let's take a closer look to make the best possible choice.


Advantages of paving stones:

  • Strength and durability - paving stones are a fairly durable material, so they can withstand significant loads, temperature changes, ultraviolet radiation and are resistant to abrasion. The service life of paving stones depends on the choice of material, from 10-100 years.
  • Aesthetic appearance - today, the choice of materials, shapes and colours is huge, so you can buy paving stones in Kyiv quite easily, the main thing is to choose a manufacturer you trust.
  • Environmental friendliness - paving stones can be made of natural stone or concrete mixtures. Therefore, this indicator directly depends on the material you choose. Natural stone does not emit any chemicals and is absolutely safe to use both in your own yard and in public places.

Criteria for choosing paving stones:

  • Material. The highest quality materials for paving stones are granite, gabbro and basalt. Granite and gabbro are the strongest and most durable natural stone, which is highly resistant to abrasion and temperature changes. Concrete paving stones are affordable and come in a wide range of colours and shapes, but their service life is much shorter, about 10 years, and they are prone to cracks, chips and colour fading.
  • Colour. If you choose granite, the colour depends on the deposit from which you want to get the paving stones, the most popular colours are graphite, grey, red (there are different shades), green and beige. If you decide to save money and choose concrete paving stones, then the choice of colours is also large.
  • Size. The size of the paving stones depends on your preference and the place of its application. For paths, paving stones of a small size of 100x100mm are suitable, for areas with intensive traffic - larger 200x100mm, 200x200mm.
  • Texture. Concrete paving stones always have the same surface, smooth, slightly porous. Granite paving stones can be smooth - a polished top, rough - a heat-treated top, or chipped - small potholes on the surface, but this is for connoisseurs of paving stones in the style of "old town". The choice of surface is made by the client, depending on aesthetic considerations, as well as on the place of application.

Where to buy paving stones in Kyiv:

  • Specialised markets. In every major city, there are stone markets where paving stones from different manufacturers are presented. There you can not only touch the material physically, but also buy it on the spot.
  • Online stores. These are the websites of manufacturers or intermediaries where you can order paving stones of the selected type and size without leaving your home with delivery to the construction site.
  • Paving stone manufacturers. This is a reliable option to buy or order paving stones of the appropriate deposit and size at the manufacturer's prices. At the production site, you can evaluate the colour scheme of the paving stones and the surface finish. If the order volume is large (more than 100 m2), manufacturers can make a discount or sell paving stones that are already in stock at a lower price.

Tips for laying paving stones:

  • Surface preparation. The place of installation of paving stones should be levelled and tamped.
  • The installation process. The paving stones are laid on a sand-cement mixture.
  • Processing of joints. The joints between the paving stones are filled with a sand-cement mixture.


The building materials market offers a wide range of different paving stones to suit every taste and budget.

But only manufacturers of granite paving stones can guarantee you a long-term service. These products will decorate your landscape design and will last for decades without losing their colour and shape.


Visit our website zh-granit.com, where you can find a wide range of high-quality granite paving stones with delivery to Kyiv.

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