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Granite paving stones Lviv

Granite paving stones Lviv

Zhytomyr Granites is a reliable manufacturer of granite products known not only in Ukraine but also in many European countries. On the official website of the company zh-granit.com, you can find the widest range of the company's products, which can be bought at the most affordable prices with delivery to Lviv.

Constantly in stock:

  • granite tiles in standard sizes;
  • full-sawn granite paving stones:
  • polished slabs;
  • polished and heat-treated strips.

We also fulfil individual requests if the order weight is at least 3 tonnes.

Granite paving stones: types, characteristics

Granite paving stones Lviv is a popular building material used for paving streets, squares, sidewalks, public roads, driveways to garages in private homes, etc. A huge variety of colours, textures and unique patterns on each stone allows you to create reliable, safe, durable and, importantly, visually aesthetic coatings.

Zhytomyr Granites produces sawn paving stones with a heat-treated top, which are supplied from well-known granite and labradorite deposits. Among them: Tokivsky granite (Carpazi), Gabbro, Zhadkovsky granite (Rosa Raveno) and others.

Advantages of using

Granite paving stones are an environmentally friendly and natural material. Since it has a magmatic origin, formed at a temperature of 1400 degrees Celsius during the solidification of lava, this makes it the most durable and resistant building material.

Even artificially created materials cannot compare with it. Granite paving stones are resistant to:

  • mechanical damage;
  • frequent temperature changes;
  • moisture
  • frost;
  • UV rays.

Therefore, you do not need to worry that the stone will lose its colour or fade, as in the case of artificially coloured paving stones.

Due to the fact that granite paving stones are a natural stone, they easily fit into various projects. We can use it for paving sidewalks, paths, squares, car parks and pedestrian crossings. Stone paving stones have no competitors in terms of quality, so they are a better option than concrete paving stones, suitable for driveways and parking lots because they are harder, heavier and stronger. It does not crumble under the influence of intensive use and the weight of vehicles moving on them.

Although the best choice for main roads is asphalt, on which you can move without shocks and shocks, this happens only when using chipped granite paving stones, which has an uneven surface. In our version, the sawn paving stones have a perfectly flat surface, which gives beauty, comfort and durability without compromise. 

Concrete paving stones are more suitable for less frequented streets, such as paths in residential areas or streets away from the city square, where there is no heavy traffic, but aesthetics play a significant role.

The price of paving stones Lviv

What determines the price of paving stones Lviv? First of all, the cost per m2 is influenced by the type of raw material used, as well as the volume of the order, the need to make paving stones in individual sizes and the urgency of the production batch.

Cooperating with Zhytomyr Granites, you can always be sure of the high quality of the supplied products. We care about our reputation and value each of our clients.

If you have decided to buy paving stones in Lviv, the easiest way is to place an order on our official website. To do this, you just need to call the phone number in the "Contacts" section or send your request to our e-mail zh.graniti@gmail.com

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