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Grey granite

Grey granite

The popularity of grey granite in architecture and design

Grey granite is one of the most popular stone colours used in architecture and construction both in the past and today. Its versatility, elegance and weather resistance make it an ideal option for use in various construction projects, both interior and exterior. 


Advantages of grey granite: Versatility, durability, aesthetics

Ukraine is rich in granite deposits of various colours, we have about 6 shades of grey granite alone, the most popular 4 are: 

  1. Pokostovsky granite (light grey);
  2. Tansky granite (dark grey is not pronounced);
  3. Novoselovsky (dark grey bright);
  4. Krutnovsky (pinkish grey)

They are perfectly combined with different materials and in different styles of architecture, ranging from classic to modern.
So, the main advantages are:

  • versatility - it is perfectly combined with various materials, used both indoors and outdoors;
  • strength - grey Ukrainian granite has a fine structure, so there are no cavities as in other types, and also has a high compressive strength of ~ 240 MPa.  It is an excellent material for use in places of increased use: public places, sidewalks, roads;
  • aesthetics - grey granite is a classic that never goes out of style. Depending on the type of granite chosen, it can be from light grey to dark grey with black specks. It is one of the most popular shades in the exterior.

Applications: interior, exterior, monuments

Interior: Different types of grey granite are used indoors in the form of countertops in the kitchen and bathroom, floor and wall tiles, stairs, window sills, etc.

Exterior: Grey granite is also actively used for cladding the facades of private houses, office buildings, stairs, window sills, terraces and barbecue areas. Due to its grey colour, it does not show dust and dirt.

Monuments: You can often see grey granite products among memorials, tiles for cladding, vases, lamps. It is chosen for its versatile discreet colour, durability, resistance to temperature extremes and elegant appearance.

Recommendations for choosing grey granite for your project

When choosing grey granite, it is important to pay attention to key factors:

  1. Shade: each type of grey granite differs in shade and structure, so it is important to consider what colours are already present in the place where you plan to install the granite to choose a shade that is as similar as possible. Or, on the contrary, choose the opposite shade to the existing one to emphasise the granite.
  2. Application: interior or exterior;
  3. Texture: in addition to the shade, it is also important to choose the surface finish you want to see, because it affects not only the practical side of using granite, but also the aesthetic one. A polished stone always looks brighter and more intense than the same type of polished or heat-treated stone.
  4. Budget: the price is often one of the most important factors that influence the choice of granite, because it varies depending on the place of extraction. Therefore, you can choose a stone option not only according to the shade, but also according to the planned budget.

We invite you to inspect and order granite products at the Zhytomyr Granites enterprise, the address and contact information is listed on the official website zh-granit.com

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