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Facade tiles for the exterior of the house price

Facade tiles for the exterior of the house price

When decorating a house externally, the question of choosing materials arises. It is important for everyone that their home looks not only beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but also retains its original appearance for a long time, so choosing the right facade tiles is quite important. 

The "Zhytomyr Granites" company has been on the granite products market for over 20 years and has been supplying high-quality granite facade tiles for exterior decoration of buildings. Thanks to a wide range of products and reasonable prices, every buyer will be able to find the option that will fully meet all their needs. In the online store zh-granit.com, you can find a wide range of colours and prices of granite, as well as easily place an order online.

Description of facade tiles

Facade tiles made of granite will help to give your home an elegant look, as well as fulfilling its main function of protecting the building from the negative effects of the environment. In our online store you can find a large selection of facade tiles for the facade. 

If you need a facade tile for the exterior decoration of your house, the price in the online store will please you. So, let's take a closer look.

Distinguish by the types of granite, the main colours:

  •  Labradorites - black with the inclusion of iridescence (blue mica overflows)
  •  grey granites - Pokostovsky, Tansky, Novoselovsky;
  •  red - Kapustyansky, Liznikovsky, Zhadkovsky, Kishinevsky granites;
  •  green - Chovnovsky, Vasylkivsky, Lukovetsky granites;
  •  beige and brown - Mezhyrichna, Didkovychi, Zhadanivskyi;
  •  and other types.

By type of finish:

  •  polished boards - absolutely glossy surface;
  •  grinding - a smooth, matte surface of the stone;
  •  heat-treated - rough, matte, structural surface of the stone, has anti-slip properties.

By size:

  •  standard tiles: 600x300x20, 300x300x20, 300x400x20mm
  • strips - long strips of tiles ranging in width from 300-600 mm;
  • slabs - large-format slabs, for example, 2800x1700x30mm.

So, taking into account all these factors, we can conclude that to buy a tile facade facing tiles need to take into account many factors, so to accurately calculate the cost of the order you need to specify all these 3 parameters, as well as specify the quantity of each size. Since for wholesale customers we can offer special conditions mutually beneficial terms of co-operation.

The price can vary from 1200-3000 UAH/m2 of 20mm thick tiles.

Instructions for ordering

The process of ordering facade tiles in the zh-granit.com online store is very simple:

  1. choose the type of granite you want;
  2. specify the dimensions and the required number of tiles;
  3. leave your phone number for feedback and send a message.

After that, a manager will contact you to clarify the details and provide payment details to the company's account.

Don't waste time and order facade tiles for the exterior of your home today in the zh-granit.com online store. You will receive high-quality material at an affordable price, which will add sophistication and style to your home.

Choose granite slabs from our catalogue to create a unique and wear-resistant design for your construction or renovation. Be sure of the quality of our materials and excellent service!

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