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Does granite have a shane

Does granite have a shane

Characteristics of granite
Granite is one of the most famous natural stones that are popular for their strength, durability, and attractive appearance. It consists of many minerals, the main components of which are feldspar, mica, quartz and plagioclase, which were formed under high pressure inside the earth's crust.
One of the most frequently asked questions is whether granite has a luster and how it changes depending on the mineral composition and how it is processed.

Factors of granite gloss: Natural composition and processing

The luster of granite is determined by its mineral composition and processing. Based on the composition of the stone, it was found that quartz has a glassy luster, feldspar has a matte finish, and mica has a pearlescent finish. Therefore, the more minerals there are in a given type of granite, the brighter or more matte the finished product will be.
There are many types of granite processing that give granite shine, matte, roughness, and even the appearance of a torn stone.


Types of granite processing: Polished vs. Matte

The production of granite slabs is carried out thanks to rope and sawing machines, which cut the stone to the desired thickness and size. Next comes the surface treatment in the chosen way, which directly affects the shine or matte finish of the product.

The main types of granite processing are:
Grinding - the process of processing the front side of the stone with special nozzles, which removes traces of cutting, but does not make the surface shine.
Polishing is the process of processing stone with more than 10 types of nozzles, which makes the surface smooth and shiny. It reveals the pattern of the stone best of all.
Heat treatment is a process of fire treatment of granite, which makes the surface rough and matte due to the release of the rock by 1-2 mm.


Caring for shiny granite: Recommendations for maintaining shine

Polished granite looks very elegant, gives the surface a shine, creates a feeling of strength and luxury, but requires careful handling and cleaning.
To maintain the shining gloss, you should regularly wash the surface with mild detergents without using abrasive materials, as this can scratch the surface and make it dull. Also, avoid scratching with sharp objects.


Conclusion: advantages of choosing polished granite for various applications

Polished granite is an ideal material for interior decoration of walls, floors, stairs, window sills and countertops. It reflects light, creating a bright and stylish look, practical and durable in use. It does not absorb liquids, does not shine in the sun and does not change shape under the influence of hot temperatures.
Glossy granite serves just as well in outdoor applications, for example, as tiles for the facade of a building, parapets or decorative elements. Polished granite perfectly tolerates frost, moisture and sudden changes in temperature. It can be used for decades without losing its color and shape.

More information about granite types and prices is available on our website zh-granit.com

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