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Paving stones on concrete: all the details of the laying process

Paving stones on concrete: all the details of the laying process

Laying paving stones on a concrete base is a time-tested, reliable method of paving that has proven its practicality, durability and aesthetic appeal. This method is suitable for both public facilities and private yards and landscaping areas. This process is quite complex, as it requires careful adherence to the technology, the use of quality materials and experienced professionals.

Advantages: Durability and resistance to wear and tear

Durability is the main advantage of this type of paving, as concrete is a solid foundation and support that prevents the paving stones from sagging, potholes and cracks. Thanks to this, paving stones are guaranteed to serve for decades without losing their practical and aesthetic properties.

Resistance to wear - granite paving stones are a very durable and wear-resistant material, and thanks to the concrete base, which enhances these properties, it is safe to use in public places with high traffic.

Aesthetics - the variety of sizes, textures and colours of granite is perfectly revealed on a concrete base, which provides a flat and smooth surface for you to enjoy the beauty of the granite paving.

Easy to maintain - Paving stones on concrete do not require any special care. As it becomes dirty, it is recommended to clean the paving stones with a soft brush for a neat and beautiful appearance.

Technique for laying paving stones on concrete

  1. The first step is to level the surface and pour the subgrade, taking into account the slope for water drainage.
  2. Laying a waterproofing layer to protect the concrete from moisture.
  3. Laying of paving stones is a manual process, each element is fixed on the cement mortar, taking into account the pattern and observance of the same joints.
  4. Filling the joints - the gaps between the paving stones are filled with special cement mortars. They fix each element and prevent it from moving in the future.
  5. Cleaning the surface from dirt.

Maintenance of the pavement: Recommendations for maintaining the condition

Caring for granite paving stones is very simple. You need to keep it clean and tidy, periodically clean the surface with soft brushes and water.
Also, make sure that lubricants from cars and other vehicles do not get on the granite paving stones, as they are difficult to remove from the stone.
In winter, for safety reasons, it is better to remove snow in time so as not to create a strong crust, which will then need to be broken with sharp objects, thereby damaging the paving stones.
If the granite paving stones get a concrete mixture that cannot be cleaned with a brush, you need to apply special acids that will remove the concrete without damaging the stone.

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