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Granite paving stone 100x100x50 price

Granite paving stone 100x100x50 price

Granite paving stones 100x100x50 mm is a natural and popular paving material used to create practical, aesthetically pleasing and durable paths, platforms, parking lots, driveways, etc.
It perfectly withstands heavy operational loads, temperature fluctuations and ultraviolet radiation. Granite paving stones can serve for decades without losing their shape and colour.


Dimensions, colour, application

Size: paving stones 100x100x50mm are a very good option for paving paths and small areas, as the small size does not need to be cut at turns, with round shapes, and it is also extremely durable, withstands the pressure of heavy loads and constant use (as in public places).
In addition to it, there are also paving stone sizes 200x100x50mm, 100x100x30mm and 200x100x30mm.

Colour: When people ask for granite paving stones price per m2, they are immediately confronted with the question of what type of paving stones they need, because the price depends directly on the raw material.
Nature has given us a great choice, so among the Ukrainian granites there are red, grey, pink, green, black and yellow colours of various structures.

Application: in cities, these are places of high traffic of people and vehicles, car parks, crossings, paths. In the private sector, paving stones are often used for landscape design.


Factors affecting the price

Of course, when choosing paving stones, the price plays a big role, because as a rule, a lot of material is required for a construction project, so the client is looking for alternative options. The price of granite paving stones per m2 is the most expensive among similar options, but you will order granite only once, no more updates and repairs, compared to cheaper artificial substitutes.
The cost of granite paving stones is affected by:

  • type of granite (deposit);
  • the quality of the raw material (inclusions of other rocks, small cracks);
  • production method: chipped (torn edges) or sawn (all sides are even);
  • thickness of the paving stones: 30 or 50 mm.

There are also other factors that are not visible at first glance, such as the quality of the equipment and the professionalism of the workers.

Advantages of granite paving stones

Among the main advantages are the following:

  • resistance to weathering - this stone absorbs moisture by only 0.25%, so it does not burst when temperatures change and severe frosts and does not lose colour from ultraviolet radiation;
  • strong - granite is one of the most durable stones, so it does not easily withstand heavy loads, mechanical scratches, impacts and abrasion
  • durable - granite products have been serving people for centuries and do not require special care or repair;
  • environmentally friendly - granite is a natural material and has radiation certificates of quality that allow the use of our granite without restrictions;
  • aesthetics - there are more than 25 types of granite in Ukraine alone, so anyone can create their own original project.


The manufacturer Zhytomyr Granites offers to purchase granite paving stones 100x100x50mm and other sizes and colours at a competitive price. The price list can be found on the website zh-granit.com
We guarantee you a quality product!

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